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Rick Owens Spring New collection 2010

PARIS, October 1, 2009
By Sarah Mower

Rick Owens, the author of a silver lamé tissue dress drifting transparently into a billow at the back? Or a series of pearly gray duchesse satin coats that resembled abstract versions of classic Cristobal Balenciaga? For a designer who's so often categorized as walking on the dark side, it was a conscious breakthrough. "I lightened up," he said. "I've always insisted on a certain monochromatic vision, but I was toying with pretty this time. Something on the way to sumptuous."

We are not, of course, talking about a night-to-day abandonment of principles. Owens' aesthetic choices were as true to himself as ever, though on the runway (to begin with, at least) his conceptual direction seemed hard to fathom. The silhouettes—divided into asymmetric, geometrically angled biker jackets; stiff, papery apron tunics; and a narrow tabard of fabric that kept whipping between the models' legs—seemed awkward, almost as if the designer were trying to distract from the fact that the sweeping coats he was showing were edging toward a conventional, nearly couturelike grandeur.

As cultish and extreme as Owens' runway styling can seem, though, it's always been an open secret that his pieces appeal to a broad church. Aside from the bodysuits, sheer one-shoulder tops, and jersey harness affairs, there were flow-y black wide-legged jumpsuits and tailored jackets with an upward flange on the shoulder that could be a chic addition to many a grown-up woman's wardrobe. And when he finally worked up to the silver lamé dress—and its close relations in white and liquid copper—any sense of difficulty and puzzlement completely evaporated. "Pretty," as Owens put it, doesn't really do them justice. They were beautiful.

Graduate launches online fashion boutique

TaraLacey Recent fashion graduate is set to launch new online fashion boutique called TaraLacey in February 2010. The boutique will sell a selection of both new and established womenswear brands from all over the world.

After graduating from London College of Fashion in June 2009, Tara Cowland, 23 started creating her own fashion business from her bedroom. With a degree in Fashion Promotion and numerous fashion related work placements, including Stella McCartney, Bluewater Management and Conde Nast she hopes to create the ultimate online shopping experience for women, as well as encouraging women to dress for themselves.

TaraLacey is a site for women of all ages, for women who want clothes that will not only make them look good but make them feel amazing as well. All the items are handpicked with the female body in mind.

“The feeling you get when you wear something new for the first time, that is the feeling I want my customers to feel even on the fifth time of wearing it” – Tara Cowland.

TaraLacey will feature over 16 top brands when it launches in February with its Spring/Summer 2010 collections. With a selection of clothing, handbags, jewellery, swimwear, hosiery and footwear.

For more information about the launch of TaraLacey or for any interviews please contact: Charlotte Gregory (PR Manager) or visit

Spring 2010 Fashion Week Presentation

New York Fashion Week (September 12, 2009) – Stacey Bendet once again brings her work to life with the launch of alice + olivia’s spring 2010 collection. This season the innovative designer will transform a raw gallery space in New York City’s meatpacking district into a live rock concert scene featuring a performance by French girl band Plastiscines and styled by Stacey’s longtime friends Anda and Masha.

Following the success of the past themed presentations “alice in wonderland”, “breakfast in bed”, “hippy queen” and Mick Rock photo gallery at alice + olivia’s Bryant Park Store, Stacey once again spins a stylish tale through the music of the Plastiscines, enlisting the band to perform and promote the playful mood of the collection. Both the band and the runway models, posing as adoring fans, will showcase the designers’ spring looks.

Stacey’s inspiration for her spring 2010 collection was “the power of the female”. She wanted to represent girls “predicating sexuality, cleverness and charm” by combining influence from all the women who influence her every day. Keeping her feminine side in mind, she set about to create a collection she describes as “playful with an edge”. The designer often credits her line as catering to every kind of woman; creating clothes that are meant to make a woman feel both sexy and sweet. After seeing the Plastiscines’ “Barcelona” video, Stacey decided that there was no better way to bring her spring collection to life than with a performance by the band. The band exudes a “candy punk vibe” that is in tune with alice + olivia’s cleverly unique style.

Chic structured dresses in pale pinks, purples and neutrals are mixed with the brand’s traditional black and white colors. Small floral prints, embellished tops and structured jackets with cut out details define the flirty and inventive collection. alice + olivia will also showcase their basics line featuring t-shirts and button-downs in soft, butter-like fabrics, linens and metallics. This season alice + olivia also unveils their latest collaboration with the jewelry line Erickson Beamon and their continued partnership with Payless, featuring fashion-forward footwear for spring.

Spring 2010 will also mark the launch of alice + olivia’s premiere high-end collection. The new line was created to add more diversity for their specialty stores and allow customers to have a more unique alice + olivia shopping experience. The collection consists of hand worked pieces that use luxurious materials and detailed craftsmanship. These edgy and inventive designs will be available as part of a limited edition collection.

As always, the imaginative and edgy collection will reflect Stacey’s lifestyle, as the ever busy designer continues to live bi-coastally and is mom to ten-month old daughter Eloise Breckenridge Eisner. Stacey views life and fashion as synonymous, and continues to find ways to creatively blend the two elements. With a chic spring collection brought to life by the Plasticines music, alice + olivia pushes the boundaries of art and fashion.

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Browse > Home / Fashion Show / Spring 2009 UNIQLO Parka Campaign, ‘TOKYO FASHION MAP-1000 Parka Styles of Real Tokyo’ on Special Website & in Magazine

TOKYO, March 18 / — In conjunction with our Spring 2009 Parka Campaign, UNIQLO is offering an amazing 1000 styles of colorful parkas for customers to choose from. The new campaign called “TOKYO FASHION MAP” features 1000 styles of real Tokyo fashion wearing our parkas.

It is now shown on a special website and in a magazine which is available at UNIQLO’s international stores.

We will introduce the ample fresh appeal of the UNIQLO parka in all sorts of ways to help customers find the style to best suit them. 1000 men and women of all ages resident in the fashion city of Tokyo sport parkas in their own individual ways. We also take up typical Tokyo streets in 15 different areas including Harajuku, Akihabara, Ginza and Tsukiji. UNIQLO parka jackets are well known for their wide range of colors, materials, and basic, classic designs.

This 1000 parka styling has been made possible by collaboration with Graffiti Magazine’s “Tokyo Graffiti” publication, famous for its excellent street snaps.

The concept for the campaign is to show real fashion in typical Tokyo streets and to tell how the parka can accommodate any style. The UNIQLO parkas are used to express real fashion in Tokyo, a concept that is capturing global attention this time. 1000 men and women of all ages resident in Tokyo sport parkas in their own individual ways. We also take up typical Tokyo streets in 15 different areas including the young, trendy Harajuku area, the Ginza shopping and entertainment district, Akihabara, famous for its electronics gadgets, and Tsukiji, one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world. The actual pictures were taken by talking to 1000 people who we met in the street and asking them to wear a UNIQLO parka for the project.

- TOKYO FASHION MAP is shown on the exclusive website

The 1000 styles introduced on the TOKYO FASHION MAP are now on the exclusive UNIQLO website (

On this bilingual website, you can see the parka linking the streets of Tokyo through the Parka Relay Movie and street snaps laid out on a map of Tokyo using the Google system. You will be able to see and enjoy Tokyo’s real fashion and the fun parka styles in three-dimensional reality.

- The bilingual magazine TOKYO FASHION MAP with UNIQLO is available at UNIQLO’s international stores

The magazine TOKYO FASHION MAP with UNIQLO is supplied to UNIQLO’s international stores for customers to see real Tokyo clothes for themselves. In this magazine, we introduce not only street snaps of fashion, but also popular stores in these areas. And even the personal rooms of people who live and breathe in these streets are introduced.